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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bill Gates on Education. I like where he is going with this

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Our future

Children are our future. We should treat them with utmost respect and dignity so they will pass on these things throughout their lives and hopefully into the future. I have read many an article on the "dumbing down" of America. It comes back to a major pet peave of mine which is an alarmingly low rate of skeptical thinking within society and especially the failure to promote it in our childrens minds and in our public schools. Lazy standardized sheephearding curriculums in our public schools designed to push students through the system do us as a society no favors. Children are taught to regurgitate facts and figures not to think for themselves. Schools are like factories creating an army of low wage workers(worker bees) for which we have no work for them because we are simultaneously outsourcing their minimum wage jobs to other countries where they make a raction of our own minimum wage. At this rate either unemployment will skyrocket or we'll need to lower minimum wage to compete where our current minimum wage is already at poverty level in some states. So tell me how we are helping our children.